Essential Perfumes Bois Imperial 100ml

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Size 100ml
Season SS24


Combining the fresh, spicy notes of Thai Basil leaves with the sparkling, peppery nuances of Nepalese Timut Pepper absolute. This vibrant blend pairs perfectly with the rich, woody signature of Haitian Vetiver oil and the cedarwood tones of Georgywood. Illuminated by the sophisticated flowers of Petalia, the fragrance is signed by Majestic Akigalawood, a unique ingredient upcycled from Patchouli. Enhanced by Indonesian Patchouli oil and the sustainable note of Ambrofix, this scent is truly captivating.


  • Fresh Spicy Thai Basil Leaves
  • Sparkling Nepalese Timut Pepper Absolute
  • Rich Haitian Vetiver Oil
  • Cedarwood Tones of Georgywood
  • Indonesian Patchouli Oil
  • Sustainable Ambrofix Note
  • 100ml
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