Who Decides War - A Rhetorical Question And An Answer

The avant-garde fashion of Who Decides War was created by partners in life and business - MRDR BRVDO and Téla Damore.

Garments from the creative lab of Who Decides War are characterised by futuristic artistry and unconventional designs that have never been witnessed before. They feature unique distressing and embroidery which challenge mainstream fashion and open up new possibilities to the fashion world.

On their mission to communicate the need for peace and order, MRDR BRVDO and Téla Damore designed the Orange Fusion Denim and the WDW X Barriers NY  Monument Denim and Pullover, which feature original art of notable human rights activists who have fought for the freedom of black people, as regards speech and thought. They promote the ability to think freely and be creative without limits.

They also shed light on how war and discord can set the world on fire, in both the literal and figurative sense of it. The anti-666 logo is a contradiction to war and strife, and in support of bliss and peaceful co-existence. 

Who Decides War is more than a rhetorical question. It is an answer to the question of where we are going from here - which is forward.

To be a part of the future, discover and explore the artistry of Who Decides War on the Ashluxury website. 

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